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Our Approach to Financial Planning
We connect financial expertise with purpose-based planning to explain where you are now and chart your path forward. Despite where you're starting from or how confident you feel about finances, we offer plans and coaching that satisfy various individual needs. We encourage you to reach your success version with confidence, from helping with questions to giving ongoing guidance.

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  • How We Help

    How We Help

    We are pleased to offer a wide range of comprehensive financial planning services...
    to cover all your needs for today, tomorrow, and the many years forward. We perform our planning services based on fiduciary standards. Our services are created to ensure that financial guidance is available to all and show our belief that comprehensive financial planning is ongoing. We are here to support you every step of the way. Read Less

  • Committed


    We're subscribe to the idea that getting financial advice doesn't have to be an uneasy experience...
    that makes you feel incompetent, intimidated or pressured. We love when our clients feel competent and empowered. We'll take the time to explain industry jargon in everyday words, and we'll work with you until you fully understand every step we're suggesting and why. We listen as much as we talk. You won't feel "on the clock" or hastened to make decisions.Read Less

  • Consulting Insight

    Consulting Insight

    Our team comprises individuals who are experts in their respective fields. The team utilizes technical audits, ... Read More >> each created to help us fully understand, interpret and document everything we need to know about our clients' campaigns. Our transparent process allows us to frequently adapt to our bespoke strategies to meet our clients' ever-changing objectives and deliver excellent ROI.Read Less

  • Personable


    Listening to and getting to know our clients is one of the perks of our job...
     .We live in the communities we serve, and take pride in working in businesses and organizations alongside you. We believe that our country's smaller towns are underserved when it comes to wise financial advice. There is a great need in these communities—and people from all walks of life deserve a chance at secure financial futures. So, whatever stage of economic growth you are at, we want to speak with you. We are also clients of this firm, applying the same models, research and products, so what we do for our clients, we do for ourselves. Read Less

Careers at H3 Concepts Inc.

If you're looking to kickstart your career and grow with us personally and professionally, H3 Concepts Inc. is the ideal place for you.

A Team Approach
We are a team of experienced professionals specializing in financial planning. Beyond our in-house team, ... Read More >> we partner with attorneys and advisory groups that provide us with advanced departments for further insight. We believe our interdisciplinary approach adds a broader prospect to all that we do and enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of services under a single roof. By relying on a team of professionals working together to discuss multiple needs, we try to help you cohesively integrate your strategies and direct your specific areas of concern.Read Less

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What Sets Us Apart
As leading independent financial planners this work is our calling. At H3 Concepts, we are committed to our profession.

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